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Welcome to PMHA Coaches' Corner

Review the PMHA Coaches Meeting Presentation here:

PMHA Coaches Meeting 2019

For information and assistance regarding the coaching program contact:

Rod Kenney, Coach Coordinator

(250) 770-0989


Please contact the Coach Coordinator if you would like to participate in the mentorship program.


PMHA’s coaching philosophy is to create a positive, safe environment that promotes good sportsmanship and focuses on:

1.Player development (individual skills & teamwork).
2.A positive experience for every player.

Coaching Goals

1.Coaches should continuously strive to improve and develop their skill set and offer the best experience to their players.

Resources will be provided to coaches including drills and practice plans (both paper and online), access to videos/books and attendance at PMHA training sessions on various topics throughout the year. Coaches will also be evaluated throughout the season and provided valuable feedback on their progress. A positive coaching culture within PMHA will also enhance the experience for both coaches and players.

2.Run a thorough and unbiased evaluation process.


PMHA will run the Hockey Canada recommended number of technical & strategy sessions and games. Use drills that help identify various hockey skills and make it easier to evaluate individual abilities. Have neutral evaluators in place that provide input on every player, which is in turn used in exit interviews with players. The identified areas of improvement will be a starting point for the coach’s yearly development plan.

3.Establish a consistent program from team to team and year to year.


Coaches will be provided skating and skill protocols (based on age and level of team) that are required to be used in practices. These drills are not designed to restrict coaching flexibility, but rather ensure that every player has a minimum of training regardless of team they are placed on. It is likely that most coaches are already using many of these drills currently. Well thought out practice plans also help to ensure a solid seasonal plan that covers the required skills for the year.

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