Registration & General Information


DIVISION                                         BIRTH YEAR                         BASIC FEES

U5 ( Mini Vees)                                2018                                       $ 125

U7                                                      2016-2017                            $ 400

U9                                                      2014-2015                            $ 400

U11                                                    2013-2012                            $ 525

U13                                                    2011-2010                            $ 525

U15                                                    2009-2008                            $ 525

U18                                                    2005-2006-2007                 $ 525

U18Female A and U15 Female A Regional Teams-                  $650


U11 Development/ Rep Team Tryout Fees

Early Bird rate – register and pay for tryouts before August 15th      $ 150

Regular rate – register for tryouts after August 15th                            $ 200

*Tryout fees are non refundable

 Female Dual Roster Fee ( with Executive approval )                            $ 250

Late fee surcharge per family unit for registrations after July 31st   $ 100

*First time registrants exempt from late fee.


Online registration is through TeamSNAP.  Payments may be made in 4 installments. First installment is upon registration, 2nd is July 1, 3rd August 1, 4th is September 1st



All new players must provide a copy of Birth Certificate.  Please register your child by the age groups above.  When hockey begins in the fall, Directors and Coaches will evaluate the player(s) to determine the division/team he/she will participate with.



Please provide the following for player transfers:

  • Proof of residence
    1. Mortgage or rental agreement or tax assessment
    2. Copy of Fortis or utility invoice
    3. BC Drivers License with new address
  • E-mail copy of player Birth Certificate ( )
  • Move with Parent form OMAHA Move with Parent form
  • Medical & Fair Play Code form from registration application on TeamSnap
  • Proof of Respect in Sport for Parents completion



Players must register with their home association first.

PMHA requires the following:

  • E-mail copy of Birth Certificate ( )
  • OMAHA Residential Waiver Carded Form ( must be obtained from home association )
  • Once transfer has occurred, Registration with PMHA and all waivers.



U18 or U15 players trying out for the Major/Minor U18 or U15 League or Junior Teams must register with PMHA first and leave the application pending payment.  Payments will be due immediately once player confirms intent to participate with PMHA.

All registrants wishing to try out for the Regional U18 AAA Team must register with their home association as per usual if tryouts go beyond registration dates for PMHA.



Players returning to PMHA after unsuccessful Regional tryouts must submit their BC Hockey paid receipt dated on or before July 31th, in order to avoid late fees.  Online registration must be made before PMHA tryout start date.



Application Fees and Rep Fee refunds are pro-rated.  They are subject to a $50 Administration Fee.  Insurance and BC Hockey Registration /CHA carding fees ($45) are non-refundable.  There will be no refunds after  December 31st unless due to injury, illness or relocation and are subject to Executive approval.



All players will be required to supply, maintain, and use the following equipment while

participating in any on ice activity.


- Helmet with full-face mask (CSA approved for appropriate position and age group)

- Stick                                                                 - Elbow Pads

- Hockey Gloves                                               - Neck Guard (BNQ approved)

- Jock Strap                                                      - Shin Pads

- Garter Belt & Socks                                       - Shoulder Pads

- Pants                                                               - Skates

- Practice Jersey                                              - Hockey Bag to store Equipment


NOTE: All players will be subject to Equipment checks at the start and periodically throughout the season. Please make sure the equipment you purchase fits your child properly and is in good repair. Improper fit could cause serious injury. PMHA provides goalie equipment for the younger divisions.



Each team collects funds from parents for team clothing, attendance at out of town  tournaments, etc. The dollar amount depends on each teams plans for the season. It is usually approx $250 or more. You must discuss this with your team Head Coach/Manager once teams are formed.



This program is for children four years of age or younger with one ice time per week. Player must be able to skate unassisted.

This is a starter program that requires parent volunteers. Volunteers are required to take the Respect in Sport online clinic (see the Home page for instructions) and submit online Criminal Checks (refer to the “Forms” tab).


U7 and U9

Player must be able to skate unassisted for these levels. Or player may be placed in lower division (skill level). See chart at top of page for age groups.



The team selection period begins the last week of August and continues through to the 2nd week of September for Rep teams, and 3rd week of September for Recreation teams and is available to all eligible players.

Tryout sessions for rep teams are at an additional cost and will include a minimum of three ice times. Player re-assignments can then be made at any time following the minimum number of ice times.



PMHA will field U11 Development team(s) this season. Players may try out for the program by including the tryout fee noted on the Application form. Tryouts begin in late August. This is not a carded rep program, but teams will participate within the Okanagan Mainline structured league play and playoffs. Players are given a minimum of three ice times before reassignment.

Players invited to play on an U11 Development team will be required to pay an additional fee of $310.00. Team management handles additional costs associated with the program.



Players will be evaluated by an independent panel and recommended to the team coach. A team will be comprised of a minimum 13 players, including one goalie, up to nineteen players, including two goalies. This team will be considered the Tier 2 (A) team. The remaining player pool, should sufficient numbers prevail, will be further evaluated and recommended to the team coach. The team will comprise of a minimum 13 players, including one goalie, up to nineteen players, including two goalies. This team will be considered the Tier 3 (B) team. All players and team officials participating in a league game, are required to be carded on CHA Players Cards and approved by BCAHA. Carding dates are to be negotiated between the Registrar and appropriate team officials. Carding should be completed the greater of four (4) days or the Wednesday prior to league play to allow time for the carding process. Players invited to play on a Rep team at any level will be required to pay an additional fee of $610.00. All Rep teams have up to three ice practices each week. Team management handles additional costs associated with the teams. Extra funds to be collected by team to be paid to Head Coach for monthly coach fees. This is for the top level rep teams in each division from U13 – U18. Those players not initially successful in securing a position on the Tier 2 or Tier 3 teams will be assigned to the Recreation team selection process for further evaluation.



Evaluations for the U9, U11, U13, U15 and U18 Recreation divisions are scheduled to begin in September. 2 shared ice practice per week and team.

U11, U13, U15 and U18 play games as per OMAHA schedule. The players will be equally distributed by the Division Director based on evaluations in order to create teams that are of equal and balanced skill levels overall.



A Female team will be established should sufficient numbers (minimum of 13 players) exist. The female team may be placed in the Division most appropriate to their competitive ability. Team selection process is similar to the process stated above. A Female Representative team will be created should there be sufficient numbers to comprise a team. The team will be a minimum 13 players, including one goalie, up to nineteen players, including two goalies. Dual Roster may be available and is subject to approval by the Executive.



Player movement is to be in compliance with Hockey Canada regulations as administered by BC Hockey.

First year players may be initially placed in a lower age category for evaluation and risk assessment. Players may be moved to a higher or lower division at the discretion of the Division Director, with the concurrence of the Risk Manager, and President/Vice-President, should a vacancy exist in the targeted division.



The Memorial and McLaren Arena concessions are closed at this time.  The concession at Memorial may be used for Tournaments and will be the sole responsibility of the Tournament Committee.  PMHA will provide coffee and hot chocolate only.



PMHA is volunteer based and relies on the generosity of dedicated volunteers to help run our programs. Parents/guardians are expected to volunteer for tournament, concession, etc., as required. Volunteers must complete and pass a criminal check and complete the “Respect in

Sport” on-line clinic. Coach and Safety Person volunteers must complete the Coach level &/or Dev 1 &/or HCSP. The Coach level and Dev 1 Clinics are offered each season for volunteers to attend. Several clinics are now offered on the BC Hockey website for online clinics. The fees are refunded once volunteer completes clinic and post task (where required).


T.E.A.M First (Together Everyone Achieves More)

PMHA members have adopted the BCAHA TEAM 151 initiative. Any member is encouraged to submit a TEAM 1st Incident Report form if required. Forms are available under the “FORMS” tab. This form is to be utilized by anyone in the Penticton Minor Hockey Association to report an incident of unacceptable behavior.

An individual is considered to be displaying unacceptable behavior if there is verbally or physically harassing and/or abusing a game player, team official, on-ice official, minor official, spectator or the misuse of an arena or other facility.


For more information contact the Administrator at (250) 274-9590.